Sangita Ghosh of Swaran Ghar will participate on ‘Bigg Boss 17’?

As the highly expected Bigg Boss Season 17 approaches, reports about probable contestants abound. Reports indicate Sangita Ghosh, famed for her roles, begins talks with show creators. According to rumors, the producers approached Sangita a few days ago, and she is presently thinking about the offer. Sangita Ghosh might be a contestant on this season’s Bigg Boss, pending the alignment of all essential elements.

Sangita Ghosh’s “Swaran Ghar” finished in November of last year. During that time, she stated in an interview about her professional goals, “I am eager to embark on a new project.” Prior to ‘Swaran Ghar,’ I got multiple show offers but turned them down since they needed shooting outside of Mumbai. However, if a fantastic chance presents itself, I am willing to work regardless of location, even if it means being apart from my family. I hope for a more fulfilling and substantial opportunity to receive. Bigg Boss 17 Today Full Episodes



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