Bigg Boss 17? winner Elvish Yadav on participating in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 17

Elvish Yadav talks plans for Bigg Boss 17 after winning Bigg Boss OTT 2. He also tells how Salman Khan contacted him over his sexist remarks.

On Monday, Elvish Yadav became the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Even though he started the show in the middle, his huge fan base allowed him to overcome Abhishek Malhan and win the award. The well-known Haryana-based YouTuber left with the trophy and a check for Rs 25 lakh. He made jokes and had everyone laughing during his time on the TV show by giving cutting one-liners. He also had a low point when host Salman Khan chastised him for using sexist language against women. He was also criticized for his poor language and explosive temper.

Elvish Yadav

Elvish confessed that he made mistakes on the show and that he learned from them in an interview with When asked what lesson he had learned the most, he said with a smile, “Patience and anger management. Additionally, I came to understand how crucial it is to spend more time with your family. Time is Gharwalon’s most precious resource, and it must be used wisely.

The article’s creator said the host was like an older brother to him when speaking about Salman Khan’s punishment. And that he was content to follow the superstar’s lead. “Unhone bohot hi pyaar se samjhaya (He patiently and lovingly explained everything to me). He truly led me several times, not just once. He also advised me not to take things personally when I became emotional. Salman bhai only showed me love and support, never berating me.

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