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In a new BiggBoss 17 Full Episode, a possible love tale played out inside the house, attracting viewers’ attention. Jiya and Falaq were conversing with Abhinav as he was busy preparing eggs.

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Jiya stated that she was really discussing Falaq when Falaq mentioned that she had complimented Avinash. Falaq retorted that she was trying to coordinate Jiya with Avinash. Jiya continued to provoke, claiming that Avinash was her sibling and that Falaq and Avinash had a wonderful connection.Because of their enticing arguments and clear science.

Falaq, who stressed that they were only friends and that there was no love science between them, rebuffed the idea. Falaq expressed an energizing threat to attack Jiya if the teasing continued. Jiya, on the other hand, drove on, unsure if there was anything between them. As the two of them laughed and walked about the foyer, Falaq hit Jiya with her shoes and pillows.

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Avinash inquired about what Jiya had said during the fun fight since he was intrigued by her reply. Falaq flushed and fled, leaving Jiya to inform Avinash that Falaq’s remark was problematic, urging that he be really interested in him.BiggBoss 17 live

Manisha and Abhishek continued their cheery chitchat after supper by having an unpleasant dispute while cleaning the dishes. Their yells grew louder when Manisha joked that Abhishek’s nonsense was damaging her kidney.

Falaq came to settle the dispute as the situation became confused with a true fight. Everyone in the house was drawn to the strength of their imagined battle, so they gathered to find out what had happened between the dear pals.

In a surprising new revelation, Akanksha Puri got booted from Bigg Manager OTT 2. The performer evaluated it in a fresh meeting and expressed her unhappiness with her brief tenure on Bigg Manager OTT Season 2.

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The singer, who had great expectations and the crowd’s support when she entered the house, expressed her displeasure with the show’s producers for including her kiss with model Jad Hadid.

She was rated third when she first entered the house, and she claims that this helped her gain favor with the public. In any case, the judges couldn’t help but disagree with her since they thought she was too excellent and favoured English above other dialects. BiggBoss 17 watch Online

She expresses her want to learn and considers whether it was improper of her to attempt to avoid doing chores. Unfortunately, Salman Khan announced Akanksha’s expulsion on TV without giving her the opportunity to speak with other contestants or the host. She believes she has been singled out from the start because she believes her treatment is unreasonable.

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The actress considers a discussion that developed after her kiss with Jad Hadid, which was the main topic of conversation inside the house. Akanksha understands that she accepted to the assignment because of the potential consequences her group would face if they didn’t.BiggBoss 17 Today Episode

That’s what she promises, and while Jad looking more involved in, her support was just lip-moving.

She expresses surprise that the kiss drew so much attention on the broadcast, but other significant moments, such as Jad’s trousers getting pulled down during a fight, are noticeable.

Akanksha ponders the logical irregularity in the show’s course and why her kiss became the primary attraction after she was thrown out.

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The next day, Jad made a smart engagement proposal. which Akanksha explained as part of his game-playing skills rather than genuine adoration. She admits that she had feelings for him and would have considered dating him. After Salman Khan expressed a little preference for Akanksha, Jad’s advantage swiftly shifted to another contestant.

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She believes Jad was not sincere and that all was necessary for a well-planned scheme. Given what is going on, she wonders the lavish attention being paid to her kiss.

Akanksha Puri expresses her discontent to her. Bigg Manager OTT used her experience with the brutal treatment to make her decision. she experienced, as well as the tremendous emphasis placed on her aggressive kiss with Jad Hadid. She believes that the show’s most important moments were overshadowed, which confuses and depresses her.

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