Bigg Boss 17: Top 5 things we don’t want Salman Khan to repeat in upcoming season

Bigg Boss OTT 2 concluded a couple months ago. The excitement around the show and its candidates has not subsided. In the middle of this, the producers have returned with Bigg Boss 17. Several ads for the new season starring Salman Khan have already been released. It goes without saying that the audience’s excitement is palpable. There’s no doubting that the most contentious show¬†on television is also the most entertaining and popular. Over the years, it has managed to catch the interest of millions of people. Salman Khan hosts the event, and fans adore him for his amazing hosting abilities.

However, as we prepare for another season of drama, excitement, and surprising twists, there are a few things we hope the Bollywood star does not repeat in Bigg Boss Session 17. Let’s look at some of the modifications we’d like to see in the show. Bigg Boss 17 Today Full Episode

Salman Khan

Giving Inhumane tasks:

Rubbing chilli powder in the eyes of your competitors? Bathing in cow manure? Touching a pole for 15 hours nonstop? Using a chilli paste on your body? We’ve seen competitors do all of these things in the name of challenges throughout the years. In the name of a game, the show celebrates brutal tasks. Many candidates then revealed the horrible wounds they received while executing the challenge. While it is OK to assign challenging duties to some extent, cruel jobs that have a negative impact on bodily and mental health should not be assigned.

Not Giving Importance to Mental health Issues:

Staying imprisoned inside a house with a group of strangers, away from your loved ones, doing everything on your own, and under constant surveillance is no laughing matter. Contestants are going to cry at some point. After 16 seasons of success, it’s past time for the competition to pay attention to the competitors’ mental health. We are not asking them to modify the rules, but they may make adjustments for participants who are going through terrible times. Many past candidates have spoken out about how their mental health suffered while on the show.

In reality, Salman Khan is capable of handling this matter appropriately. The presenter, who is a prominent person, can make use of his platform to teach and enlighten both the participants and the audience.

Biased Hosting:

One of the most serious complaints made by fans in the past has been Salman Khan’s alleged prejudice against some contenders. While the host is certain to have personal favorites, it is critical that he maintains neutrality and treats all participants properly. Viewers want to see a fair playing field in which candidates are assessed on their behavior within the house rather than their personal interactions with the host. When a Bigg Boss Session 17 participant is trapped within the house, he is no longer a buddy or acquaintance of the host.

Tolerating Violence, body shaming, or insult:

Bigg Boss should have zero tolerance for competitors who engage in aggressive behavior, body shaming, or insulting others. There have been various incidences of violence over the years. Contestants shove one other, hit each other, and engage in physical battles. Surprisingly, instead of being ousted, the other candidate is frequently evicted. This is done to make the accused recognize their error. Bigg Boss 17 Live

Bigg Boss 13’s Shehnaaz Gill has frequently spoken about dealing with body shaming and insults within the house. Bebika Dhurve, a Bigg Boss OTT 2 competitor, has claimed her co-contestants of body bullying her.

Personal Attacks:

Personal assaults that cross the boundary of civility should be prohibited on Bigg Boss, which is known for its drama and confrontations. When contestants indulge in personal slander or bullying, Salman Khan should step in. His duty as a mentor and advisor to the participants should involve developing good roommate relationships. Many candidates have made statements based on personal concerns with the other or bringing out their inner resentment.

About Bigg Boss 17:

‘Dil, Dimaag aur Dum’ is the theme of Bigg Boss’ season 17 Live Streaming. Teaser trailers for Bigg Boss 17 starring the host have been published, increasing the audience’s interest. Several major personalities from Bollywood are expected to appear on the reality show, including Smart Jodi’s Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain.

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