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Bigg Boss 17 Promo | Bigg Boss 17 Starting From 1st October

Bigg Boss 17, India’s most popular reality show, is back. For the 17th season of the Salman Khan-hosted show, new guests will be welcomed into the house. On Thursday, the first promo for the show, which is starring Salman, was released.

Salman walks in and informs the audience that up till now, fans had only seen Bigg Boss’s eye, but in the seventeenth season, they will see his three avatars. Then introduces each of the three identities one by one. He initially appears wearing an orange kurta-pyjama and opens the door to a room adorned with pink lights and heart-shaped plants. He shows out the first avatar, “Dil (Heart).” Salman Khan introduces the second avatar, “Dimag hi dimag (Brain).” Watch Bigg Boss 17 Today Full Episode,


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