Bigg Boss 16 Winner Online Votting Polls Results 1st, 2nd & 3rd

According to the results of the Bigg Boss 16 winner poll, Priyanka and Shiv are in a close contest for the crown. Priyanka Chaudhary has over a million tweets as well, but the main reason is because over a million tweets on Shiv Thackeray have lately been disclosed.

Abandoned and deserted However, Priyanka and Sambul have remained in the spotlight and are also quite popular with the public, as seen by Accord Glam’s support in the Bigg Boss 17 winner election. However, according to the Big Brother 16 winning vote, Sambul needed to cash in on his popularity more effectively.

Bigg Boss 16 Finalists

Sr No. Contestant Name Profession Status
1 MC Stan Rapper πŸ†Β Winner
2 Shiv Thackeray Actor 2nd Place
3 Priyanka Choudhary TV Actress 3rd Place
4 Archana Gautam Actress 4th Place
5 Shalin Bhanot TV Actor 5th Place

You’ll succeed in making us forget that Priyanka was the show’s most popular character when it first aired. Shiv Thackeray’s phone number is the second most popular after Priyanka’s. Most importantly, Shiv Thackeray retains his status as Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2022. Another well-known figure, MC Stan, is sometimes overlooked in the program despite receiving significant exposure over the previous decade. MC Stan is now ranked third in the Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2022 predictions. Bigg Boss 17 Live

According to a reliable news source, Priyanka Chaudhary, who was supposed to be in top place in Chhath following the announcement of Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2022, has stormed ahead of the competition once more.

Bigg Boss All Season’s Winners with Names:

  • Season 1 Rahul Roy
  • Season 2 – Ashutosh Kaushik
  • Season 3 – Vindu Dara Singh
  • Season 4 – Shweta Tiwari
  • Season 5 – Juhi Parmar
  • Season 6 – Urvashi Dholakia
  • Season 7 – Gauhar Khan
  • Season 8 – Gautam Gulati
  • Season 9 – Prince Narula
  • Season 10 – Manveer Gujjar
  • Season 11 – Shilpa Shinde
  • Season 12 – Dipika Kakar
  • Season 13 – Sidharth Shukla
  • Season 14 – Rubina Dilaik
  • SeasonΒ  15– Tejasswi Prakash
  • Bigg Boss Season 16 – MC Stan

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