Bigg Boss 16 Salman Khan set to quit hosting the reality show before the grand finale?

Bigg Boss 16 Salman Khan  hosting

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Bigg Manager 16 is a major discussion driver via web-based entertainment right now as the candidates on the show have at last increased their game and are giving each other intense contest. With the unscripted TV drama standing out as truly newsworthy for new discussions consistently, and, surprisingly, positioning high on TRP diagrams, the producers followed their yearly custom and gave the show an expansion. BiggBoss 17

While the fresh insight about Bigg Supervisor 16 getting expanded has fulfilled many fans, the show’s hotshot have is yet to affirm on the off chance that he will be proceeding with his week by week appearances on Friday and Saturday in the weeks added. As per a report on TV Chakkar, Salman Khan ‘s contract with Bigg Manager 16 lapses on 12 January 2023, precisely a month prior to the great finale of Bigg Supervisor 16.


The new finale date for the show, as indicated by reports, is 12 February after the expansion. The report further cases that while the creators and Salman himself have affirmed any plans of his exit or augmentation as the host, however in the event that the Bollywood genius chooses not to broaden his agreement, Karan Johar has previously been affirmed to uphold as the host. BiggBoss Season 17

Karan who appeared as the host of Bigg Manager OTT last year, and even visitor facilitated Bigg Supervisor 16 when Salman was down with dengue, will get the season to a completion instance of Salman’s nonappearance.

Salman has only from time to time would not have Bigg Supervisor in the past when the show got an expansion over the few seasons he has been related with the show. In any case, the producers appear to be prepared for any circumstance as they push ahead with the augmentation.

Until further notice, Salman will be seen tutoring the famous people in the house unsurprisingly while he settles on expanding his obligations for one more month on Bigg Supervisor 16.

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