Best Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency for Free in 2023

To encourage new customers to sign up, several cryptocurrency exchanges provide sign-up incentives.

Here are a couple of examples of exchanges that offer sign-up bonuses:

KuCoin: For signing up, KuCoin offers consumers a surprise box valued up to $500!

Coinbase: Coinbase is presently offering new customers up to $200 in prizes!

Time: In only a few minutes, you may open a new account on a bitcoin exchange. However, keep in mind that certain exchangers will not instantly credit your account with your sign-up bonus. To get your bonus, Coinbase, for example, needs you to make a transaction.

Referral Bonus:

Crypto referral bonus

Many bitcoin products provide referral benefits in exchange for referring friends and family to the platform. When you recommend someone to a platform like Coinbase or Gemini, you and your friend will both receive a $10 credit!

Time: It only takes a few minutes to send a referral link to a friend! However, some exchanges will not let you collect your prize until your buddy deposits money or makes a transaction on the platform.

Learn and Earn:

Learn and Earn rewards

Some exchanges reward consumers who view instructional video about the bitcoin ecosystem with cryptocurrency.

Coinbase: Users that finish short modules on various bitcoin projects can earn between $3 and $6 from Coinbase.

Binance: Binance provides incentives to new users who finish short modules. Some modules, however, demand you to perform specified steps before receiving your reward, such as purchasing the cryptocurrency on Binance.

Phemex: Phemex gives out minor prizes for finishing courses like “Fiat Currency vs. Cryptocurrency.” Unlike the other exchanges on this list, Phemex’s modules award your account with USD upon completion, which you can then use to purchase cryptocurrency.


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